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понедељак, 8. јун 2015.


Žiri u sastavu
The jury consisting of
GORAN TERZIĆ (Srbija), EKIN KAZAN (Turska), TONI ŠARIĆ (Hrvatska),
doneo je sledeće odluke:
have made the following decisions:

Grand Prix za najbolji film festivala – plaketa “MISTER VORKY”
Grand Prix for the Best Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY” :
AD REM – GIRL, Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland, 2015,

Zaokružena i efektna univerzalna poruka prenesena je vizuelno atraktivnim stilom (uspiješna reklama) višestruko je opravdala izbor mladih autora i povjerena im odgovornost-od ideje do realizacije, te je svojom komunikativnošću na nekoliko nivoa olakšala žiriju odluku. 

This whole universal message has been brought forward in a visually attractive style (like a commercial) and it has justified the decision of the young filmmakers in the jury in many ways, from the idea to its realisation. Therefore, with its communicativeness on many levels it has made the jury's decesion and easy one to make.
(Toni Šarić)

Nagrada za najbolji domaći film – plaketa “MISTER VORKY”
Award for the Best Serbian Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY”
BEING I, Adam Ranđelović, Ivica Đorđević, Srbija, 2015

Bivstvovanje I
Film je isprva dramatičan jer je u crno-beloj tehnici a nakon toga se pojavljuje prodavac kaiševa sa odličnim smislom za humor. Na kraju, režiser je uspešno izveo manevar navodjenja priče u pogrešnom smeru.

The film is dramatic at first with its black and white technique and then a street salesman appears with a great sense of humour. In the end, the director has successfully managed to do a mislead.
(Ekin Kazan)

Nagrada za najbolji strani film – plaketa “MISTER VORKY”
Award for the Best Foreign Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY”
TOLERANCE, Kuesti Fraun, Germany, 2014

Jednostavnost i uvjerljivost, angažovanost i preciznost u komunikaciji sa gledaocima u bilo kojem kutu svijeta zahvaljujući ovakvim filmovima omogućuje otvaranje novih dijaloga.

Thanks to films like this one, the simplicity and persuasiveness, engagement and preciseness in communication with the audience opens new dialogues in any corner of the world.
(Toni Šarić)

Nagrada žirija publike za najbolji film - diploma “MISTER VORKY” 
Audience jury award for the Best Film - diploma “MISTER VORKY”
O AVÔ (Grandpa), André Marques, Portugal, 2014

Međunarodni žiri dodelio je 3 specijalna priznanja (diplome) za sledeće filmove:
International jury choose three special awards (diplomas) for next films:
LAST MINUTE, Maksymilian Ceroń, Poland, 2014
MOONWALK, Sven Harding, South Africa, 2015
LIFE IS JUST A FILE, Dikesh Khadgi SHahi, Nepal, 2014

Poslednji minut
Budućnost je sada. Pametna upotreba savremene tehnologije otvara kreativne mogućnosti  filmskog medija u našim svakodnevicama i govori o trenutku u kojem ćemo živjeti, za koju minutu.

The future is now. the smart usage of modern technology opens creative possibilities in the film medium in our everyday lives and it speaks about the moment we will all live in, in a few minutes.
(Toni Šarić)

"Specijalno priznanje" za film "Život je samo dokument" zato što je uspeo da na jednostavan, duhovit, pa i dirljiv način smesti čitav život u 60 sekundi i jednu fasciklu.

'Special mention' goes to the film "Life is Just a File" because it has successfully managed to put one entire life within 60 seconds and a single file in a simple, funny and touching way.
(Goran Terzić)

Šetnja po mesecu
Snimci stopala male crnkinje u slow motion-u zajedno sa sjajnim dizajnom zvuka zaista su impresivni. I na kraju, poruka o žeđi u Africi me je dodirnula u roku od ovog jednog minuta.

Tracking shots of the black girl in slow motion, together with the great audio design are really impressive. And in the end, the message about the thirst in Africa touched me in this one minute.
(Ekin Kazan)


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